Instructor Kits (Legacy)

SPECIAL NOTE: these legacy instructor kits are PowerPoint-based and have not been converted to our newer format. Please see our Jurnee™ Instructor kits page for other newer operator instructor kits (see CATEGORIES on left). See also Instructor Kits (Rigging).

Instructor Kits for Heavy Equipment Operator Training: VISTA Instructor kits help trainers deliver training to operators of construction and mining equipment by providing all of the materials needed, from classroom setup checklists and attendance rosters to training videos, exams and course certificates. You only need to supply the trainer. Many customers have told us they have experienced trainers who can teach operation and safety topics, but they often lack the time to develop a professional training program. That is why our training tool kits include "everything but the instructor."

Benefits of VISTA instructor kits
- Raise the level of professionalism in your training
- Save time - why develop training programs from scratch?
- Provide your operators with more consistent, structured safety training
- Printable training materials

You can use these equipment training resources to provide comprehensive and consistent training without the investment of gathering research materials and learning how to use content development tools, saving you many hours!

Each instructor kit is designed to provide roughly six to eight hours of classroom time.

 FOR OTHER kits --- See Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kits:
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