Roadside Mowing Instructor Kit

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Mowing crews working near highways and roads are the cause of more accidents than most people think. Our focus is on the safety of the equipment operators and the nearby people and vehicles. Use this roadside mowing safety instructor kit to teach everyone, from supervisors and equipment operators to truck drivers and the rest of the crew, to take responsibility for safety. Mowing safety tips cover dangers of working near equipment, avoiding common accidents, awareness of surroundings, PPE / visibility / night work. Includes 1 video.

Contents of the Roadside Mowing Instructor Kit (2-4 hours of training materials):
- CD-ROM with PowerPoint presentation and PDFs (physical disc shipped with the video below - download available upon request if you don't have a CD/DVD drive on your computer)
- Printable materials (may be printed from PDF files)
- DVD video: Right of Way Mowing Safety (physical disc shipped with the kit - online version available upon request) For details, click --> Right Of Way Mowing Safety-DVD

Topic Summary
- Basics of Safety - Guards, shields and manufacturer provided safety items
- Pre-operation Inspection - What to look for and correct
- Operating Dangers - Roll over accidents and other dangers
- Operation Techniques - working around high speed traffic/crossing roads

List of printable PDFs provided with the PowerPoint Presentation:
- Pre-planning Checklist and Training Agenda for trainer (with Attendance roster)
- Discussion questions (pre- and post-video)
- Instructor manual
- Student manual
- Pre-operation Inspection Checklist
- Operator evaluation form
- Written exam (with and without exam key)

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