Online Training (e-learning)

VISTA's Silver Series online construction equipment operator training programs provide equipment operation and safety principles, delivered via web browser. Pay per course or via discounted library pricing.


Pay-as-you-go pricing US$49 per video or $99 for most e-learning courses - access now for 60 days. 

- Library pricing also available starting at US$129/month-up to 10 users (CLICK HERE).

VISTA's Silver Series™ equipment operator training courses offer convenient, online heavy equipment training at an affordable price. These courses help operator trainees learn critical skills needed to operate heavy equipment safely and productively. Web delivery means you can train equipment operators anytime, anywhere. Each course offers:


  • A final test to measure the knowledge the trainee has retained.
  • A certificate of completion, personalized with the trainee's name and test score.
  • A list of test questions answered incorrectly and the correct answers.

Designed with trainers in mind:

Think about how valuable your time is as a trainer. Using these Silver Series™ online construction equipment training courses, you will now be able to provide trainees with a valuable foundation of equipment and safety knowledge before you begin classroom or field training. While trainees work through these 1-2 hour sessions, you can focus your time on higher value-added activities, such as preparing for upcoming on-the-job training activities.

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