Manipulator Arm
Manipulator Arm

VISTA™ Model Rigging Training Manipulator Arm

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VISTA Model Rigging Training --- Lifting Arm by TactiLearning™

The “Manipulator Arm” add-on is used as a station to improve the learning experience by:
  • Using as a suspension means when practicing rigging
  • Allowing gravity to work
  • Simplifies measurement when load suspended (allows use of both hands to measure)
This articulated, adjustable, "load-bearing" arm with attached single-point hook takes the weight off your hands and provides a desktop stand-in for lifting and maintaining tension on a load. Whether training collaboratively or solo, the Single Point Hook and Lifting Arm provides the additional tools and resources required for adding advanced rigging concepts and configurations.

Specifically designed to work with the VISTA Model Rigging Training Kits, this Add-On includes:

1 Adjustable Lifting Arm
1 Single-Point Hook
1 Large Bolt Type Shackle with Nut
1 Lifting Arm Table Mount

Specifications: Height: 30.71" / 78 cm     and    Clamp width (max opening of clamp): 2.17" / 5.5 cm

Rig on!


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