Asphalt Paver Pavement Equipment Checklist 6 Month 8-1/2 X 11 Full Size

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Usage: All Wheeled and Track driven paving equipment in all Steering, Traction and Drive configurations. Asphalt Paving Inspection Checklist items include all minor and major control systems, components such as Hopper, Conveyor, Screed, Auger, Pavement, Engine, Spreader, Depth, Tamper, Vibration, Shoes, Gate, Dump, Wings, Operator Platform, Tank, Hydraulics and all other items and details to inspect related equipment. Can be used for any type or Capacity, small or large pavers, any style such as sit-down and stand-on, all engines, horsepower ratings and Fuel Types in any design, arrangement or combination with other equipment during asphalt paver maintenance.

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