Tips From The Pros: Rigging & Lifting-VOD

Tips From The Pros: Rigging & Lifting-VOD

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Video on Demand (VOD) training program covering: Knowledge gained by experienced equipment operators, productivity, technique and getting more out of the equipment is the focus. TIPS are based on research with qualified operators from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Filmed under the guidance of professional riggers, these tips are the result of years of experience. After a quick review of the basics, this video offers tips on how to estimate the weight and center of gravity for large or odd shaped loads. Each video lesson can be viewed more than once, over several days or months. When you have a solid understanding of the lessons and are done viewing, take final test and print a certificate of completion with your name and score. Designed for self-study, but can be projected during an instructor-led class (one time per purchase).

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