Safety Training For Repair Technicians-VOD

Safety Training For Repair Technicians-VOD

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Video on Demand (VOD) training program, produced to help professional mechanics become aware of the day-to-day dangers of their job. Sixty-five percent of injuries occurring in mechanical repair work relate to hands, eyes and backs. This video addresses the causes and cautions necessary to avoid injuries. Individual responsibility for personal and overall job safety, use of the correct tool for the job, new ideas in safe lifting techniques. How to climb on and off large equipment. Staying clear of the path of unplanned energy release. Each video lesson can be viewed more than once, over several days or months. When you have a solid understanding of the lessons and are done viewing, take final test and print a certificate of completion with your name and score. Designed for self-study, but can be projected during an instructor-led class (one time per purchase).

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