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Developed by experienced industry professionals, the Pipe Installation Training Program is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand series of interactive pipelayer training programs covering the fundamentals of water and sewer pipe installation. This pipe laying course covers overall safety issues, job site layout, material handling and protecting the pipe installation. CLICK VIDEO (above) for an overview of course contents.

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Pipelayer Installation Training: Chapter 1 V2.0.0

Introduction (4 pages): This lesson is a basic overview of the Pipelayer Installation Training Chapter 1 program.

Overview (6 pages): This lesson provides a brief overview of job layout, including a description of crew members and their responsibilities.

Safety (9 pages): This lesson discusses the importance of safety. Topics include: Working near utilities (both underground and overhead)Road traffic safety (using signage, flagmen, and barricades)Jobsite traffic Keeping pedestrians out of the jobsite.

Material Layout & Handling (39 pages): This lesson discusses the layout and handling of materials. Topics include: Efficiency and profit verses cost. Handling spoil, topsoil, and other materials. An overview of working with pipe, specials, and rigging. Creating a processing area. Equipment efficiency and safety. Material storage considerations. Environmental protection. Job layout considerations (work area and efficiency).

Production and Timing (15 pages): This lesson provides tips for productivity and efficiency in the form of good work habits and planning.

Tools (3 pages): This lesson discusses the importance of keeping tools organized and inspected.

Protecting the Installation (10 pages): This lesson provides what to do at the end of a shift to protect the work that was completed during the day.

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