NUCA Pipelayer Installation Series - 3 chapters + more

An efficient crew can help your company to win more bids and get more jobs. The Pipe Layer Installation training program from VISTA and the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) covers the fundamentals of water and sewer pipe installation using modern equipment and technologies. These pipelayer online training programs can help your crews to work together safely and productively. These web-based pipelayer training programs are available for instant access.

AVAILABLE ONLINE (e-Learning via your internet browser)
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Job Layout (Chapter 1) - This pipelayer training program covers overall safety issues, job site layout, material handling and protecting the pipe installation. Purchase NUCA Pipe Layer Installation Series Chapter 1 for online viewing

Excavation, Trenching, Manholes & Backfilling (Chapter 2)
- This program covers trenching, bedding, backfilling, dealing with manholes, dewatering and tie-ins. Purchase NUCA Pipe Layer Installation Series Chapter 2 for online viewing

Working With Pipe (Chapter 3)
- This pipelayer training program covers general safety considerations, working with numerous types of pipe, including PVC, ductile iron, concrete, concrete pressure and polyethylene (PE) pipe.

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