MSHA Part 46 Training

These MSHA Part 46 training videos from VISTA help you meet MSHA Part 46 regulatory requirements 

MSHA Part 46 regulations specify seven high level training requirements for
    1.) New miners and
    2.) Newly hired experienced miners.
New miners require a minimum of 4 hours training in these 7 areas (collectively) while there are no minimum hours required for the experienced new hires.

The seven areas in this MSHA training plan are: 
1. Intro to the work environment, including a site tour. 2. Recognition and avoidance of electrical and other hazards. 3. Emergency medical procedures; escape and emergency evacuation; fire warning signals and fire fighting procedures 4. Health and safety aspects of the tasks to be assigned. 5. Statutory rights of miners and their representatives. 6. Authority and responsibilities of supervisors and miners representatives. 7. Introduction to rules and procedures for reporting hazard. VISTA helps you to meet and exceed MSHA PART 46 training requirements for both NEW MINERS and NEWLY HIRED EXPERIENCED MINERS. VISTA products listed below are especially useful when you need to provide training related to areas #2 and #4 above.
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Conveyor Maintenance Safety
Confined Space For Construction
Safe Conveyor Operation
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