Fire/Rescue / Emergency / Mobile Units Checklist 6 Month 8-1/2 X 11 Full Size

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Usage: ALL applications such as: Fire, Rescue, Emergency or Support Vehicles, Mobile Units, Command Centers, Bomb Squad, Forensic/Medical/Response Labs, K9, Swat Teams, Armored Units, Surveillance, Customs, Immigration, Airport Operations, Equipment Storage/Supply, Ambulance, Paramedics, Critical Care, Trauma Units, Patient, Correctional, Custodial, Crew, Personnel or other Occupancy Transport , Security & Enforcement type Vans, Cargo/Cube trucks or similar Vehicles. Includes the Vehicle Inspection and the primary inspection of the major devices and systems installed such as: Occupant, Patient, Correctional, Crew or Personnel Transport Compartments, Vehicle Accessories & Safety, Specialized Lighting/Warning, Body, Doors, Bars, Grills, Benches, Gates, Communication, Air, Electrical, Hydraulic, Gas Monitors, Gauges, PTO, Shutoffs, Master Switches, Backups, Preemption, Traffic Control, PPE, Support Deck, Winch and all other Control Panels & Systems installed, mounted or carried in and/or on the vehicle & considered necessary, permanent and/or a primary vehicle operation/function. Optional Trailer Inspection.

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