Dump / Utility Bucket / Hoist Checklist 6 Month 8-1/2 X 11 Full Size

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Usage: ALL Box and Dumpbox Vehicles and/or combination vehicles with a Utility Bucket and/or Hoist or Crane equipment installed with a Box unit. Includes Vehicle, Box, Dumping, Utility Bucket, Crane/Hoist, Vehicle inspection items and Operations, Functions, Attachments, Accessories, Controls, Platform, Tailgate, Plow, Scraper, Spreader, Hydraulic, PTO, Pedestal, Base, Turret, Boom, Bucket, Hooks, Winch, Hoist, Tension Devices, Load Security, Bed, Ramp, PPE, Vehicle Safety, Traffic Control and all other items. Common vehicle uses and applications such as Plowing, Sanding, Liftgate, Ramp, Tree Trimming, Landscaping, Cable/Wire, Elevating, Box and Hoisting applications for loads such as Trimmings, Mulch, Rock, Asphalt, Sand, Salt etc.

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