Digging Dangers Xvi, Excavation Tragedies-DVD

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This video covers some of the worst excavation accidents of 2004. Viewers see an on-the-scene portrayal of a backhoe hit on a jet fuel line in Walnut Creek CA that killed five workers. This 20-minute video also covers a Belgium pipeline explosion that killed 24 and injured 100, a gas pipeline explosion near Madrid IA, two Dallas TX firefighters overcome by gas while responding to pipeline damage, an Evansville IN gas explosion that killed two, a water main hit that flooded streets in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, a gas explosion in Hammond IN, a worker injured by gas explosion near Detroit, a Philadelphia gas main inferno that made national news, and two homes destroyed in a gas explosion in Fairfax, OK. The video also revisits the 2003 gas explosion that killed seven in Toronto. The son of one of the victims appears on camera to give his personal account of the accident and its aftermath.

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